Welcome to WAM Youth!

WAM Youth helps support young people to be confident in their identity and build resilience for life.

WAM (We All Matter) is a voluntary organisation based in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. We run a variety of projects and services aimed at building and strengthening positive and supportive relationships within the community. These include youth groups and projects, after school clubs, family activities and events and groups and events for the elderly or vulnerable members of the community. We aim to run all our projects with
no or minimal cost to those participating and always on a voluntary donation basis as we seek funding to support our running costs from grants and donations or other sources of income. Please get in touch with us if you would like any information on any
of our work/projects.

Donate Now Button

You can donate by clicking through on the button above.  If you are eligible for Gift Aid please make sure you enter your email address and we will get in touch. If you are a UK taxpayer and pay tax to at least the value of your donation Gift Aid enables us to claim back 25% of this from the Government increasing your donation value to us by a quarter!

To find your way around our site:
– Use our navigation menu above to explore our site
– View our recent blog posts
– Or use the links below to visit our project pages

IMG_20150714_202309553 elev8 PostItBoy
Therapeutic Outdoor Education  Our Youth Groups & Clubs  Our Mentoring Project



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WAM Youth is a Registered Charity (No.1170638) based in Gloucestershire