WAM Holiday Activities

During School Holidays WAM runs a variety of trips and activity days of which details will be posted below.

Upcoming events…

School Summer Holidays

30 July – 3 August – PGL Residential for School Years 4-6 (all spaces now taken)

Booking links for Summer Holiday Activity Days below;

** Please email sophia@wamyouth.org.uk if you are interested in a fully booked day as we may be able to add more staff and increase capacity on those days.

Arts and Crafts Cafe

Our arts and crafts cafe is for young people in school years 6 – 9. Come along from 12pm – 3pm to have a go at a variety of crafts available, £1.50 per session, pre book your tickets to reserve your space. The arts and crafts cafe is being held in No. 9 Gretton road, next to Encounter church.

Monday 23rd July – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/vfxhrfas
Tuesday 24th July – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/bopqruif

Holiday Club and Activity Weeks 

Our holiday clubs and activity weeks are for children in school years 1 – 6 (if your child is already 5 and heading into year 1 they are eligible for our holiday clubs and activity days).
Activity Day – 9am – 3pm – £17.50
Extended Day – 8.30am – 5.30pm – £25

If you would like to book on to these days via email please email sophia@wamyouth.org.uk.

If you would like to book on to these days via phone please ring us on 01242 603 678 and ask for Sophia.

Storytelling Holiday Club

Thursday 26th July – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/bej5am9j

Wilderness Holiday Club FULLY BOOKED

Friday 27th July – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/kwouzduw

Art Week

We will be spending the week exploring different types of art and various artists, including a trip to the sculpture trail in the Forest of Dean.

Monday 6th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/72vznszq FULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 7th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/vmjhicxi FULLY BOOKED
Wednesday 8th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/4rwuc0fj FULLY BOOKED
Thursday 9th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/ct2bg0hu
Friday 10th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/jvkpedmb

Animal Week

Join us for a week of exploring different animals, both native to the UK and foreign, as well as about the ecosystems they live in.

Monday 13th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/wnr0tahk FULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 14th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/0aiim4em
Wednesday 15th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/hxjfbpcl FULLY BOOKED
Thursday 16th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/2ar3xq4p FULLY BOOKED
Friday 17th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/9ysziddd

Messy Week

Join us for a week of messy and sensory activities.

Wednesday 29th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/lbuvy4in FULLY BOOKED
Thursday 30th August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/3dcvs7za FULLY BOOKED
Friday 31st August – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/drkwpeoj
Monday 3rd September – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/y9fjik41
Tuesday 4th September – https://wamyouth.churchsuite.co.uk/events/rolk1ama



WAM Youth is a Registered Charity (No.1170638) based in Gloucestershire

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