Therapeutic Outdoor Education (TOE)

What is TOE?
img_20170215_203136TOE is our Therapeutic Outdoor Education Programme . We provide individual or small group sessions for young people in woodland and wilderness area offering a therapeutic space for young people to participate in woodland and bushcraft experiences.

Why TOE?

TOE is an outdoor education project that provides rich opportunities for personal and social development through bushcraft, wood craft, structured outdoor activities and challenges.

img_7625TOE offers the chance to develop independence and self­ reliance alongside working as part of a team and the development of other skills for life and work through active outdoor learning. Young people will be introduced to experiences that will help them form character, develop perseverance and cultivate a positive approach to problem solving. Participation in exciting, enjoyable and challenging outdoor activities can reinforce a positive attitude to education.
img_20170215_203115This can particularly help support those for whom the traditional classroom environment is a challenge or those who may be disengaged from education altogether although is beneficial for all young people.  The project takes place at Hayles Fruit Farm near Winchcombe and involves hands on work with tools, outdoor equipment and bushcraft, wood craft and survival activities. We also run regular overnight hikes/camps and longer trips during school holidays.

Multi­day, Full or Half Day Sessions are available for individual young people or small groups of up to 10 and prices start from £105 for a 3 hour session. We take referrals from schools and other agencies to work with young people during school hours but also run wilderness challenges throughout the year open to young people not already on the TOE programme. Please get in touch for details.

We are a youth work charity and understand young people. Therefore we are committed to placing their needs before any programme and to persevering in building positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We believe this takes time and that we will see the most benefit to a young person when consistent support over a significant period of time is offered, rather than short term or one off interventions. With this in mind we place a high value on consistency of staff and operate with high ratios of staff to young people.

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WAM Youth is a Registered Charity (No.1170638) based in Gloucestershire

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